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He spent 11 years in prison, but was eventually acquitted of the crime. The story of the wrongful conviction of fourteen-year-old Steven Truscott for rape, and the court battles that eventually led to his release. The story of Guy Paul Morin's wrongful conviction for the murder of a little girl.

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DNA testing to finally cleared his name. The story of Rubin Carter, wrongfully convicted of a triple murder and sent to jail for life. He spent nearly twenty years in jail before being released.


The story of David Milgaard, wrongly convicted of the rape and murder of a young nursing assistant. He spent twenty-three years in prison before being proven not guilty. The story of Rob Baltovich, wrongfully convicted of the murder of his girlfriend, Elizabeth Bain. Angus and his family are sent from Scotland in on a voyage to start a new life in the strange and cruel new land of western Canada.

The story of a Native boy and his friendship with a wolf. New immigrant, Will, is determined to win his new city's fly-catching contest. But is he doing it to stop the spread of disease, or just to beat his snobbish classmate? In January , Roberta Bondar made Canadian history when she became the first Canadian woman, and first neurologist, to go into space on board the space shuttle Discovery.

This is her story. The second book in the Saara series, following her life in Northwestern Ontario. The final book in a trilogy about a Finnish family in what was to become Thunder Bay, Ontario. The story of safety innovations in hockey equipment and the players who have pushed for adoption. The story of Samuel de Champlain and his contributions to Canadian History.

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African Canadians struggle for equal rights in the s. Saara, the child of a Finnish immigrant to Canada in the early s, wishes to visit her grandparents for the first time. She boards the Empress of Ireland, unknowingly becoming part of Canada's wort nautical disaster in peacetime. A look at interesting historical stories, all taking place underground.

She and her friends raised money to travel to Rio, never imagining the effect they would have there. Stories of women who took up challenges that society felt could be met only by men. The story of a young girl who doesn't fit into southern Ontario society in The story of a young First Nations' girl who will soon leave home for a residential school.

The sequel to Shi-shi-etko, as her brother Shin-chi to joins his sister in a residential school.

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Stories of mysteries and shipwrecks on the Great Lakes. The story of ten inventions that have changed the way we spend our leisure time. Short-listed for the Silver Birch Award. A young girl escapes from East Germany to a new life in the Canadian West. She relies on her passion for skating to ease the transition. Ebooks and Manuals

Fictional story of a young Inuit hunter who comes across the settlement of the Tuniit people, who are under attack by Viking explorers. The story of the Kenora Thistles, the smallest team and the smallest town ever to win the Stanley Cup. When Elizabeth finds an antique doll in a garage sale, she becomes the newest link in a chain of people who have lived the history of more than a century of war, from World Wars I and II, to Vietnam and modern-day Afghanistan. Follow the adventures of Sophie as she flies over Canada, learning about the history of the provinces.

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The third book in the Sophie series. The first book in the Sophie series. The second book in the Sophie series. This book includes stories of disasters, both natural and man made. In the rich tradition of Coast Salish legend, mother and son Diane and Joe Silvey write and illustrate a classic quest story. The story of Fred "Cyclone" Taylor, hockey's first superstar. Short-listed for the Red Maple Award.

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Follow the journey of Keira, a Viking slave, rescued by a Beothuck man after a shipwreck. Garnet Havelock never quite fit in and he was okay with that. A pictorial biography of chief Tecumseh. The biography of Tecumseh, Shawnee warrior and hero of the War of It's the Depression, but Red's family is managing better than most on their Prince Edward Island farm.

Hard working and resourceful, they have enough to eat and to help others, even if at times they are mocked by their neighbours It's September and Booky is living in the heart of the Great Depression. The story of Edward Mallandaine, the boy in the famous "Last Spike" photograph. A full account of how a head tax and other racist immigration policies were used to limit Chinese immigration. A young girl becomes a Canadian citizen, and creates a scrapbook of the experience. The Early Canadians series teaches young readers about the different jobs that early settlers had in Canada.

The story of Anna Swan, a girl who grew nearly 8 feet tall. In , six young girls live and work on a farm as a part of Ontario's Farm Services while the men are off fighting overseas. During the Second World War, most of the young men in Canada went overseas to fight. Many women took jobs in factories to do their part for the war effort.

A young refugee from Yugoslavia and her family immigrate to Toronto to start a new life. This book tells the tragic story of the Halifax Explosion, in December of This is the story of the controversial Louis Riel, the leader of the Metis in the Red River settlement in the mids. The story of a young woman who immigrates to New France to marry a man she has never met. A visual history of the courageous Indians who sailed to Vancouver to start a new life, only to be turned away by a racist immigration policy.

The tragic story of the Beothuk First Nation. Thirteen-year-old John A. This is the story of the mounted police force established in western Canada in , to restore law and order to the western frontier. A young girl growing up in Nova Scotia in the s struggles to fit in. This is the continuing story of exploration and conflict in the Arctic. A "behind-the-scenes" tour of the Musical Ride as officers and their mounts prepare for their performances. The story of a young Metis boy years ago.

The story of Louis Cyr, a Canadian strong man who captivated the world. The story of the informal network of safe houses for slaves escaping from the United States to Canada. Introduces the period of Canadian history from to by discussing the explorations of the Vikings, John Cabot, and Jacques Cartier, and their encounters with the Native people of North America.

In the United States invaded Canada.

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I got away from them. Get back! And a deep well of madness, and fear. A front tire on the lead patrol car burst, and bullets shattered the passenger-side window of the Crown Vic, sending Detective Mayer to his belly. The distant sirens were closer now, and soon there would be pandemonium in the street.

Savich would lose his chance. Janice was right: He had no choice.

The man was unpredictable and dangerous, and he had an assault rifle. Savich said to Dr. Come to Prospect Street.