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This goal covers a broad spectrum of scientific research areas physical-, social-, economic-, cultural geography, environmental sciences and sustainable development and also considers contemporary and widely used research methods, such as geoinformatics, cartography, remote sensing including from space , geophysics, geochemistry, etc. It is supposed to be an outlet from the Russian-speaking countries to Europe and an inlet from Europe to the Russian-speaking countries regarding environmental and Earth sciences, geography and sustainability.

The main sections of the journal are the theory of geography and ecology, the theory of sustainable development, use of natural resources, natural resources assessment, global and regional changes of environment and climate, social-economical geography, ecological regional planning, sustainable regional development, applied aspects of geography and ecology, geoinformatics and ecological cartography, ecological problems of oil and gas sector, nature conservations, health and environment, and education for sustainable development.

Articles are freely available to both subscribers and the wider public with permitted reuse.

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Homepage How to publish in this journal Contact. Key concepts are related in achieving or sustaining economic growth, maximize profits, increase competitiveness and expand markets. Globalization has given a new dimension to economic development by enabling an extended range for comparative advantages. However, like all economic processes, globalization promotes growth in a differential manner as regions and social classes capture its opportunities differently.

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This has led to inequalities. Environmental responsibility concerns the footprint of human activities on environmental systems, notably their carrying capacity. It aims to conserve and recycle resources and to reduce the generation of wastes.