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So how did you come to the conclusion that Rich was right when you you wrote a paragraph rebuking everything he said? You know, any good cook knows that making a good sauce means less than an hr of cooking time because it gets acid and will taste bitter. A great sauce is made with at least 15 ingredients and let sit over night to mature. There are as many tomato sauces as there are hairs on your head. It would be good to share some techniques we have learned to help novice cooks.

My mom used whole onions in all her soups and sauces. It requires the longer cooking sauces. In her easy quick sauces she sauteed the garlic whole or chopped in oil then threw it away. No bits of garlic either. The garlic infused oil was great.

We never used virgin oil , it was too strongly flavored and over powered the dish. Meatballs were made with a panade , a mixture of four or five pieces of bread soaked in water or milk. It was thought to make lighter meatballs.

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Incidentally, I order my tomatoes ,called Six in One from California online. They are canned in the field and like Ed Giobbi said even the Italian imported tomatoes are not good anymore. These are darn good and inexpensive. Very fresh and clean tasting not over burdened with a lot of spices. Just what I was looking for. I love it! I added seasoned hamburger and hot Italian Sauage and red and green bell peppers. I assume that is not the only pasta that it works with, so why make that distinction- or is that by mistake? I store in a tupperware container and we either eat it that week, or I freeze it in Ziploc bags.

Then I put them in a container after they cool off so they can freeze into thin bricks that stack nicely later. The thin configuration helps with faster defrosting later. Mmm…that recipe sounds great! I bet that grated cheese really makes it. Hunts is one of my favorite brands and the only canned tomato sauce that I will use. I like to use it as a base for pizza sauce and enchilada sauce. I agree and if you can taste that metal taste something must be leeching into the sauce. Not too healthy. For example: I also really love XYZ tomato sauce. Because metal cans and the acid in tomatoes mix up a nasty chemical reaction and actually cause health issues.

How do you taste the metal can. Cans have a lining so the tomatos never come into contact with the metal in the can. Just cheap processing.

55 Homemade Pasta Sauce Recipes That Aren't Marinara

Because chemical reactions have killed thousands of people who use Hunts tomato sauce. Give it a rest already! Why because of all the things so many say will kill you, those things are why our life expectancy has increased so much. I cooked it in the slow cooker from , then transferred it to the pot to cook down and threw in a little tomato paste. The onion falls apart as it cooks. At 3, I took it out and chopped it tiny and put it back in. If you add in the whole onion and ribs, it gets this sweet taste like it has seafood in it. After I transferred it to the pot, I tasted it.

It was a little tart so I added a little baking soda, let it sit a little and retasted it. So if you know someone that gets heartburn after eating a tomato based meal try baking soda.

How to make authentic Italian spaghetti sauce (gravy) from scratch

If you plan on canning your sauce you must add lemon juice or citric acid. To increase the acidity. And if you want to can your sauce never put Sodium Bicarbonate baking soda in it. You can kill people that way. Looks like salsa. Next time I will remove the seeds. I also added tomato paste to help thicken the sauce. Trey, there are recipe trolls on every post. Some do not understand that pork is not eaten by all.

If you want to add pork or beef, add it but do not be critical. When they arrived here, Italians used what they could afford, and often in much larger quantities than they ever had before. Every cook was, and is, different. My fmr comment here copied from above.

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  • Italian Spaghetti Sauce with Meatballs Recipe -

I think your wrong Lombardi. Because the way most people regular americans do it is a shame. Most Italian Americans add all that but forget the base that goes with the sauce that makes it famous. Especially the entirely different sauce base far marinara. Italians know to put the base in in the sauce. This is a starter sauce for use in recipes that follow later. At least that is what I use it for.

The 10 Best Store Bought Spaghetti Sauces in | Sullivan Steak House

She cooked it for 2 days. You will never go back. Even though there are only two of us, I make a huge batch of this stuff and we eat like kings. Tastes amazing, costs very little, and you can doctor the recipe according to your tastes and nutritional preferences. I prefer mine meaty, but you could easily adapt this to vegetarian tastes. I have had no problems freezing sauce with ground meat. I have also defrosted first as well as heat from frozen.

Both methods work. One huge can of canned tomatoes and you can make two batches of my homemade spaghetti sauce. I do not understand how you could get 6 jars from this recipe. This looks good but no instructions on adding meat or sausage. There is no way this would be 6 jars.

Old World Italian Spaghetti Sauce

Did I miss something. Maybe that will help? My Manicotti recipe called for a 26oz jar of sauce and I barely had enough. I would say this recipe would make maybe average size jars oz of sauce. Though I can see it making 6 jars of the smaller sauce jars, like oz jars. Still yummy though! Pre-cooked or raw? Are ground chicken or turkey or turkey sausages possibilities? In a crackpot recipe, you lightly brown the hamburger and sausage mix with the Italian herbs in it in a 2 -3 quart pan leave it partially red from cooking the lump of meat mix and break it up at at the bottom of the crackpot and then dump the rest of the sauce ingredients in and set the crokpot to go and over that time the meat will cook with the sauce.

You brown it to envelope the flavors together and cook the meat a bit. It all finishes in the crockpot with the addition of other flavors and the final cooking of the sauce and meat. Becoming a vegan at 64 years of age is a bit tough.


But what is great is I found this wonderful simple sauce! The only thing I add is majoram and when the pan is very hot while sauteing the onions and garlic, I add a little red wine. Thank you for the sauce recipe. I love it because I can adapt it to my palate! Happy New Year! Lauren i am really excited to try this recipe.