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By connecting wartime politics with prewar politics, by illuminating the distinctive features of each state, and most importantly by focusing on the political stress created by slavery, Hettle adds to our understanding of southern politics and to the debate over why the South lost the war.

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  7. The Slave-Trader's Letter-Book. Republicans were still associated with Reconstruction and were identified as a non-southern party. The term "yellow dog" derives from the saying, "I'd vote for a yellow dog if he ran on the Democratic ticket. Because the expression came generally to be used to describe loyal Southern Democrats, it also frequently had a somewhat moderate to conservative connotation, as if referring to "old school" Democrats. Even as yellow dogs were becoming a rare breed, the "dog" moniker got refurbished, though on a smaller scale.

    The conventions

    After the Republican Party won the majority in the U. House of Representatives in , a group of thirty-three conservative Democrats formed the Blue Dog Coalition.

    The Blue Dogs represent a stronger break from the national more liberal Democratic Party, and could be traced back to Democrats who crossed party lines to support some of Ronald Reagan's policies in the s. John Bell Williams' hand-picked slate from neighboring Mississippi. Like AID, the Mississippi challengers do not plan to set up a separate party structure and run candidates for every office in the state, thus threatening the local political establishment.

    The Mississippi fight is not one the Vice President can duck. He must atone for his role in the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party MFDP compromise of , when he earned the right to be LBJ's running mate by keeping their challenge from getting to the convention floor, thus keeping intact a consensus politics in the very year the Democratic Party could have acted decisively without risking national defeat.

    Elsewhere in the South, Mr. Humphrey faces some awkward situations. The 11 states of the Confederacy will cast of 2, votes at Chicago, most of which the Vice President's managers are counting on by at least the second ballot.

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    5. A revolt, possibly prompting to Southern delegates to rally around the favorite son candidacy of Gov. John Connally of Texas, could be fatal to Humphrey. The political establishment in the South, despite its losses in recent years, will not tolerate too much interference with its way of doing things.

      Southern Democrats and the Election: CQR

      For the McCarthy camp, the choices will not be as hard. It has stood aside from the old-style politics. Both AID and NDP leaders have discouraged public expression of a preference by any of their delegates in an effort to keep the focus on the merits of their respective cases. Confronted by a tidal wave of white racism, by the new intransigence of the blacks and their white liberal supporters and by the Republicans too, the old Democratic Party in the South may be losing its foothold. Or insists on a pallid compromise such as the one forced on MFDP in ?

      In that event, the Democratic Party, nationally, will have served notice that it cannot cut its ties with the region's racist politics and will force those who want a clean break to find another political home, perhaps in a fourth party. Ed King, MFDP national committeeman, said the compromise in Atlantic City "destroyed the finest generation of young people this country has ever seen.