Manual Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Cant Ignore

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It also serves as a guide to what can be done to stop this escalating violence, prevent jihad, and protect Israel and America from this imminent threat.

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What You Don’t Know About ISIS

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Additional terms may apply to data associated with third party namespaces. Instead, readers of this new book by Jay Sekulow and his team will discover that evil such as this must be met with force. Nothing else will do. Given these developments, it bears noticing that the Enlightenment dream of inevitable human progress, grounded in the claim that we are all born free and equal in dignity and rights, and premised on hope that the arc of history bends toward justice, is now in tatters.

Readers of this book will discover that in our postmodern era, certain things are indeed intolerable. Capitulation will enable the murderous forces, which have already been unleashed in the Middle East, to expand their territory and reach by directly encroaching on the West. Hopefully readers of this vital book will be roused to prevent this from happening, in prelude to the pursuit of a durable peace in an epoch rife with persecution based on savage ethnic and religious intolerance, and short on reconciliation.

A young American, James Foley, was on his knees next to a masked, black-clad jihadist.

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The jihadist was holding a knife. Foley began reciting a prepared text—delivered under the ultimate duress—condemning America. When he finished, he visibly braced himself. The Foley beheading video was too graphic for YouTube. Twitter banned users who tweeted its horrific images. And while few Americans actually watched the horrifying act, everyone knew what happened.

The rise of ISIS : a threat we can't ignore

And now they had slaughtered an American. The village may have been abandoned, but people had recently been there. Clothes were scattered on floors, cars and trucks were still parked outside homes, and there was blood, lots of blood. And it seemed fresh. It was a chilling sight.

They walked past bullet holes in walls, and they picked up cell phones left lying on tables in one- and two-room houses. Our soldiers looked for anything that would provide a clue to the fate of the villagers, but the more experienced knew they were looking for one item in particular—a DVD.

Terrorists would compile greatest hits compilations, showing IED strikes on Americans, mass executions of Iraqis, and the detonation of suicide bombs. DVDs were so common that our soldiers were trained to expect an imminent attack if a civilian was spotted filming them with a video camera. And there it was, in a courtyard, in plain view. The troopers picked it up and kept it safe until it could be airlifted out, along with fourteen terrorist detainees, to Forward Operating Base Caldwell, a small American base just miles from the Iranian border.

As soon as the DVD arrived, intelligence officers rushed it to their office, put it on computers set aside for reviewing terrorist material which could always contain viruses or other malware , and started watching.

As with all jihadist videos, the camera work was shaky, and the sounds were chaotic and loud. While the cameraman yelled Allahu Akhbar! God is great into the microphone, a group of about thirty Iraqi men, women, and children were led at gunpoint into a field, a field our soldiers recognized as being near the abandoned village.

One by one, the Iraqis were separated from the group and placed in the middle of a small group of jihadists.

Foreword to The Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can't Ignore by Jay Sekulow | Scalia Law School

The first one was a woman, not more than forty years old. As the camera zoomed in, she had a vacant, hopeless look in her eyes—a look of utter despair. The shouts of Allahu Akhbar! Then—as the shouting reached its peak and the camera zoomed close—the terrorists beheaded the woman. As she choked on her own blood, the jihadists kept sawing, and sawing, and sawing.

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Finally, they pulled her head off, waved it to the camera, shouted in victory, and motioned for the next terrified victim to come forward.