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Text tutorials If you prefer written tutorials instead of videos, here are some good places to look:. Offerings from the community Sometimes the best tutorials and advice comes from the community.

Try looking at forums. Here are some good ones:. She created this tutorial in the Community Publishing System on Adobe.

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Anyone can publish tutorials there, including you! Hi Luanne, I am looking to buy a program that I can edit my artwork through. Currently I am using an old computer with Adobe Photo Deluxe on it. I am not necessarily interested in the full range of features but what I do want is to be able to fix photos with problems such as clone tool, deleting background, red eye, colour filters, edit grain and moire. I was wondering if you could advise whether Photoshop element 8 or Lightroom would be better. I am really in the dark as technology has passed me buy a bit.

Also paintings I have done, I reproduce in print. A drawing component would be helpful also. Many thanks for your time. I think Photoshop would be a better choice. You mentioned that you paint and draw over scanned images. I believe Photoshop will have all the painting and drawing tools you are going to need. If you use this simple technique. I am not a professional but I love to be here your site and this shot is amazing for me, I love to see its drops.

We are professional auctioneers who use photo editing software. We are looking for a program that can easily silhouette items for insertion in our catalogs. Any suggestions? It's more detailed and has a better layout than most manuals you get, but what is the best feature is the step by step way Barbara Brundage explains how to do something. As a former writer of high tech operational manuals I appreciate that style knowing that once you do something correctly a couple of times it becomes second nature.

On top of that knowing how to have fun with a photo makes me want to learn more. For example, I fixed the only picture my friend had of his mother by scanning it and doing a little healing to replace a torn section. He was somewhat reluctant to hand the damaged photo to me but he was very happy to see the new one version. It was kick to be able to help! So this is the book I keep in the office so when I import the latest group of pictures I've got it handy in case I have to change or fix something.

She did a good job of explaining how to use layers, which I knew nothing about when I got PSE5 a few years ago. By the way, this is not a "Dummies" style manual, though they have their place. This one is complete enough that it may be the only reference manual you need for PSE8. It is definately worth the price.

Download Photoshop Elements 8 for Windows The Missing Manual PDF Online

September 13, - Published on Amazon. There is an over abundance of written material available for users of Photoshop Elements. Those were indeed helpful to give me an all around look at the program and detailed instructions for fixing common problems. Based on the step by step instructions I learned a few tools and pretty much stuck with them. I knew there was more to the program, but was at a loss of how to use it. I wound up having trouble with the Organizer and having real issues with honing my selection skills. This drove me back to the drawing board: I needed a resource that gave me more than a brief overview as the on Demand book did , something that would give me a grand tour with how to use the program capabilities and suggestions when to use them.

Barbara Brundage's book was everything I needed. I wish I had started with this resource instead of the on Demand book.

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Kelby and the magazine are great resources too, but this has become the book I keep by the computer when using PSE8. Long-Suffering Technology Consumer. November 28, - Published on Amazon.

While it has some automated functions, users hoping to harness its full power are going to need some help. Barbara Brundage offers this help in a detailed guide that explores the higher functions of PSE, while respecting the challenges many readers may have in grasping complex technology. Jeff Revell. Apple Training Series. Dion Scoppettuolo. The Art of Photography. Bruce Barnbaum. Illustrator CS4 For Dummies.

Ted Alspach. Mastering the Nikon D Darrell Young. The Fujifilm X-T Rico Pfirstinger. Bryan Peterson. Photoshop Lightroom 3. Nolan Hester. Plug In with onOne Software.

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Nicole S. Michael Freeman. Understanding Shutter Speed. The VueScan Bible. Sascha Steinhoff. Understanding Exposure, Fourth Edition. Conrad Chavez. Photoshop CS3 Bible. Robert C. Mastering the Fuji X Michael Diechtierow. Photoshop - Stupid. Joseph Scolden.

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