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A peer-to-peer architecture for on-demand video streaming on Internet Abstract: A new peer-to-peer P2P architecture is developed for streaming stored video on the Internet.

In the proposed media streaming architecture, a P2P forwarding chain is constructed. To maintain continuous playback at the peer, a standby FEC server is maintained to provide the FEC coded media stream to peers when their buffered content is almost exhausted.

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Our simulation results show that the PCX scheme can greatly improve the system performance and make efficient use of peers' bandwidth. It is also shown that the backup FEC data support from the server can reduce the number of stalled playbacks at the peers with a reasonable cost.

Haivision Announces the Addition of Peer-to-Peer Low Latency Streaming to the SRT Framework

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The Internet as a video distribution medium has seen a tremendous growth in recent years. Currently, the transmission of major live events and TV channels over the Internet can easily reach hundreds or millions of users trying to receive the same content using very distinct receiver terminals, placing both scalability and heterogeneity challenges to content and network providers.

In private and well-managed Internet Protocol IP networks these types of distributions are supported by specially designed architectures, complemented with IP Multicast protocols and Quality of Service QoS solutions.