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    A Russian through-and-through, Blavatsky was born with an innate sense of curiosity and was drawn to the unknown at a time in the mid-to-late 19 th century when unconventional belief systems, primarily from the East — along with Spiritualism — were being increasingly embraced at that time. Blavatsky was certainly living up to the Russian reputation — and then some.

    She seemed to take it all in stride, from the way Lachman explains it. Briefly married and seemingly asexual, HPB traveled the world in a fearless manner that impressed enough people along the way that doors were unlocked and information was revealed to her.

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    The highly influential HPB is directly responsible for a lot of these ideas and beliefs making their way to the West. And while there is debate about whether Blavatsky actually ever made it to Tibet, there is no question that the mysteries of Tibet were shared with her. Who were they, really? Following her earlier travels, Blavatsky, along with her partner Henry Olcott, a veteran of the American Civil War, found the Theosophical Society, which married religious beliefs with the occult.

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    Word was spreading about her travels, work and ideas. It was being warmly embraced by many who had soured on conventional religious ideas that pervaded in America and the West at that time. Kirkus Reviews Issue: Sept.

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