Manual Law and Theology in the Middle Ages

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The Sacral and the Secular: Early Medieval Political Theology

The collection reveals a culture with many threads of mutual influence connecting the learning of the schools, the administration of the Church, the perspectives of professionals in law and theology, and the stories, practices, and devotion of the laity. The first section of the volume considers medieval masters and examines both their subjects of intellectual inquiry and their pedagogical methods, as reflected in the particular textual and manuscript practices developed in the schools. The second section considers how clerics applied learning acquired in the schools in their roles as pastors, judges, and administrators.

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The final section gathers essays on those aspects of religious culture manifested in popular piety, liturgy, and hagiography. Diverse in methods and scope, these essays nevertheless share a common aim: to honour the remarkable scholarly achievement of Joseph Ward Goering. Although best known for his work on scholastic theology and pastorali a , his interests have ranged from hagiography to visual culture, and this volume reflects the interdisciplinary breadth and coherence of his work.

Laws of the Middle Ages & Late Middle Ages

John S. Established in , the Faculty of the History of the Church in the Middle Ages carries out scholarly research and popularises knowledge on the history of the universal Church and the Church in Poland in the mediaeval period. The research in question forms the grounds for a scholarly seminar which produces diploma theses; Faculty members take part in scholarly seminars at home and abroad, including by presenting their papers; besides, monographic lectures are delivered to broaden and deepen the students' historical knowledge; scholarly works are published incl.

Studies on the history of the Church in the Middle Ages are mainly based on sources published and unpublished. Marek T. Zahajkiewicz in office till Today, the Faculty Curator is the Rev. Jan Walkusz and the Lecturer is the Rev.

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