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IS-3 (tank)

IS-3 Images: Actions Info. IS-3M Trumpeter by Mozgoklui on scalemodels. Actions Info Kits.

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IS-3 Trumpeter by Kiba on scalemodels. Building IS-3M. In progress.

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IS-3 Soviet Heavy Tank (4K)

The optimal operating crew consisted of four personnel. The IS-3 was armed with the potent Secondary armament consisted of a Armor protection ranged from 20mm to mm across all facings, essentially over 9 inches at its thickest cover - impressive to say the least. At any rate, attacking the IS-3 from the front could prove a fruitless endeavor.

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Power for the heavy chassis was served from a V2-IS series engine of horsepower delivering a respectable top speed of 25 miles per hour with a range out to miles. The IS-3 weighed in at While a breakthrough design along many fronts, large heavy tanks such as the IS-3 were naturally prone to a few mechanical issues when considering their operational abilities. Foremost was a generally unreliable powerpack - engine and transmission system - which was prone to failure.

The haste in which design and production was ushered by Soviet authorities also opened the IS-3 up to some quality control issues regarding defects in the hull. These limitation brought about a phase of upgrades which sought to improve a few key areas by upgrading systems of concern - these included better radio equipment, new road wheels and replacing the original clutch mechanisms.

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When completed, these improvements drove up the operational weight of the IS-3 by some 4 tons, slightly hampering performance. The IS-3 served with the Red Army throughout the latter part of the s and into the s. A modernization program was enacted to help keep the IS-3 viable in the ever-changing battlefield that was the Cold War.