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Share with linkedin. Share using email. Whatever your reason, you want a job, and you want it now. You've come to the right place. Operate: This is a kind of catch all which includes: Cleaning outhouses, hamster wheels, and compost piles.

If your outhouses are backing up and you are up to your ears in polluted water and morbs your either out of dirt or you don't have an operator. Farm: Like cook this is a very important Work Errand it makes the materials for the Cook and seeds for farm expansion. I utilize 1 full time farmer that also has the Supply Work Errand, the key is the Farms should all be set higher than your average supply run. This is so that the Farmer only does supply runs if idle or an emergency.

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The farm skill affects the speed of harvesting and the chance of getting a seed. It also affects crop tending which should not be confused with fertilization which is a Supply task. Tidy: Sweeping, which is the movement of materials laying on the ground to a storage container. Also mopping which removes shallow puddles and replaces them with bottles. Build: Builds everything, combines very well with Dig. Supply: Next to cooking and farming the most important Work Errand and in my opinion the least appreciated. Anything that requires materials delivered from the Algae Deoxidizer, Every cooking tool, to the compost heap to name a few require Supply.

In addition Dupes with the Supply Work Errand will deliver materials to pending build orders greatly minimizing the need for your builders to go get materials.

Supply combines well with Tidy and Operate. Dig: Expands your useable area. If you have a builder who does not have dig they will have to wait until it is dug out. For this reason I always combine Dig with Build.

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Priority System Notes: As I understand them and some of my habits When you assign a priority to a machine it issues Work Errands at that priority. In most cases this is self explanitory. Save 9 for emergencies that you detect that must be handled immediately. A great saying I read once in the forums is that if everything is set to 9 nothing is important. So ,things like oxygen supply should be high 8 , perhaps coal power is important to you setting this to 8 is also handy.

Top 17 Jobs That Require Little or No Experience

Containers for your metals and algae may be 7, containers to sweep misc trash low 4 or lower. I like to build big kitchens with 2 mashers and 3 grills each set with it's own recipe and it's own priority with 1 cook bouncing machine to machine as they are filled.


Dupes will work on these Work Errands depending on what you have determined they are allowed to do in the order of Priority assuming they can reach the task. What does this mean? Example: A oxydizer priority 8 needs algae, a battery is low on power it's hamstwer wheel is set to priority 6. A dupe has just become available for a new work errand, he has the Operate Errand selected, but not the Supply Errand. This dupe will ignore the priority 8 task infavor of the priority 6 task. It is a very bad habit to keep every dupe available to do every job.

By the time you have 5 Dupes you should have a couple if not all specialized in Work errands that work well with your play style and expectations.

These 10 tips will help you hire the right person next time around.

In fact I have found that it is a bad habit to keep a dupe available more than 3 Work Errands with some exceptions. I personally break these jobs into standardized archetypes. You will notice that Kindness and Artist are not in my archetypes. These are very part time tasks assign them to whoever is great at them. Lastly I name these Dupes to their achetypes. I often see messages that say Builder 1 and Builder 2 are idle, my construction task is either complete or I made an error in planning. Research Stations are both set to 8, Hamster Wheel is set to 6.

If my power runs out the research station turns off, the researcher immediately runs over and hops onto the hamster wheel to recharge batteries turning back on the research stations. These dupes will never carry as an example algae or coal, it's simply not their job. Kitchen deliveries are set 6 to 8. So these have priority and get done first.