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Caring and the Law

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Hutchinson , S. Policing And Society, , Pp Caring I.


Introduction II. Title III. Ethic of Care IV. Real Life V. Politics and Care VI. The Structure of the Book 2. The Nature of Care I. Terminology III. Paid and Unpaid Care V. Gender and Caring VI.

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Ethic of Care I. Criticisms of an Ethic of Care VI. Conclusion 4.

State Support of Care I. The Basis of the Support V. The Nature of the Support VI. Defamilisation VII. Commodification IX. Current Law X. Conclusion 5. Caring and Medical Law I. Mental Capacity and Carers IV. Carers as Decision-Makers V. Autonomy VIII. Caring and General Law I.

Carers and Tort IV. Carers' Employment Law Protection V. Conclusion 8. Caring and Abuse I. Recent Scandals III.

About Caring and the Law

Statistics IV. Defining Intimate Relationship Abuse V. Rights to Protection VII.

Ethics, Law and Society - November 17, 2015

Civil Law IX. Compulsory Intervention X. Prevention and Regulation XI.

Ethics, Law and Society: Volume V by Nicky Priaulx

Conclusion 9. Conclusions I. The Nature of Care IV. The Relational Self V. Gender Care and Power VI. Care and Employment X.

Dr Thomas Hayes

Care and Protection from Abuse XI. Final Thoughts. The book reads as if it represents a lifetime of investigation into Anglo-American literature and British court cases on care and the law. Graduate students and practitioners alike would find its stories, philosophy, and analysis informative and moving. Those who specialise in one area of law may fruitfully dip into a single chapter because Herring carries his thesis explicitly and clearly through each section of the book.

This is a carefully reasoned and widely researched book that makes a passionate plea for embracing the wider moral and social significance of a relational understanding of care where all of us should hold one another, society, and the state responsible for the human obligation of caring relationships. Given the author's accurate assertion that everyone cares or is cared for, that makes for a very wide potential readership indeed.