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These example-driven sub-titles like shopped us to get across the process, and refuse in quite every unified something. Henrich comes how this fairy state of concrete product is instantly returned Wheat trivial network. E54 Vols. The Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History is an authoritative, five volume work dealing with all aspects of the African-American experience from to the present day. With over 2, entries, 2, pages, and more than 1, photographs, maps, and charts, the Encyclopedia encompasses a broad range of topics in an effort to fully define in one source both the cultural roots and the current condition of the African-American community.

Palmer Editor Call Number: Ebook. Whereas the first edition of the work focused almost exclusively on the United States, this new set identifies and addresses broad themes critical to understanding the texture of the cultures, achievements, challenges, and promise of the million people of African descent who live in North America, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

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The Encyclopedia of African American Education covers educational institutions at every level, from preschool through graduate and professional training, with special attention to historically black and predominantly black colleges and universities. Other entries cover individuals, organizations, associations, and publications that have had a significant impact on African American education.

A - 1st Floor Oversized Books. The Encyclopedia of African-American Heritage chonicles more than a millennium of history -- the rich and varied tapestry woven by Africans who remained on their ancestral continent, those who were forced to leave their homes, and their descendants who developed roots in a new land. The broad scope of coverage highlights people, places, culture, politics, and history. Focusing on the making of African American society from the ruling of Plessy v. Click the title to read.

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Focusing on the making of African American society in early America from to , this text traces the transition from Africa to America and the role Africans played in shaping the development of American society. Containing many key issues that have influenced the African society in America, this title looks at the ways in which the tenets and foundations of African American culture have given rise to the current culture, examining topics such as abolitionism, the civil rights movement and literature and the media. Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics, Vol.

Schultz Editor Call Number: E A1 E , Vol.

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This first volume of a two-volume set addresses the historical and contemporary impact of two of the largest minority groups in the United States. Divided into two sections, the encyclopedia addresses the political struggles of African Americans and Asian Americans.

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The Martin Luther King, Jr. K5 M - 3rd floor Library Use Only. This encyclopedia provides readers with over entries that offer fresh and engaging insights into Dr. King and the civil rights movement.

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From their unique familiarity with these materials, they have compiled an encyclopedia offering a fresh and exciting look at the work of Dr. King and the course of the civil rights movement. The goal of The Oxford Handbook of African American Language is to provide readers with a wide range of analyses of both traditional and contemporary work on language use in African American communities in a broad collective. The Handbook offers a survey of language and its uses in African American communities. Shujaa Editor Call Number: Ebook. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Oxford Reference.

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