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Cancel anytime. As Effie and her roommates learn firsthand the true savagery of their enemies, anger and grief threaten to overtake them. While dealing with internal turmoil, each student also must come to terms with his or her role in battle - and soon. The Krepps have twice the numbers of Kyrro, and the frightfully strong creatures are eager to kill.

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After managing to anger the entire Academy during his introduction, Zoke learns that behaving like a Krepp makes him more of an outcast with his new allies in Kyrro than he was with his own race. With his sister Zeti on the opposing side as the gruesome events of war unfold, soon the only thing the siblings have in common is a waning hope that they won't see each other on the battlefield. But before a clash of unprecedented proportions can occur, something unheard of is discovered lingering deep below Tenred that may change everything.

As always, B. T Narrow has written an encapsulating page-turner of a novel, and as always I was fully enchanted whilst reading. The drastic Switch of voice and accents from Simon Vance to Lesley Ann Fogle would have been tolerable, if she had at least attempted to match the narrating tones of her predecessors.

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However, every single character spoke with a tone not only different from the tones portrayed to them in previous books, but legitimately opposite tones. It was as if all the characters had developed personalities opposite of those that they posessed in the books prior. In short, while the story was wonderful, the narrator quickly became intolerable, as the manner in which she personified the characters was in my opinion, detrimental to the entire background of the story.

Once again a story that could have been fun and exciting was ruined by a truly awful narrator.

This novel follows the wartime activities of a group of students, both human and of other races. The students at this academy learn special skills such as potion making, fighting, magic, and psyche. They are sent on missions because of the academy is a critical component of the war effort. In addition, the novel follows the movements of two of the enemy species, Krepps. One of the Krepps is allied with the humans that are the main characters and novel is exploring his adjustment to living amongst the humans.

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First and foremost, one of the biggest issues that I have with this novel, is that it cannot stand alone. At the beginning, different races were being introduced by name as if the reader should already know them. This would have been the case if I had read the first two books.

As I had not, I needed to do some research on the internet to get an idea of what the premise of the whole series was and get familiar with some basics that were mentioned. Fired from her job as a cocktail waitress for pouring drinks on a group of pigs, Chicagoan Lucy Trabbicio scans the newspaper want ads for a new job. Performance Notes This sample has a southern female and multiple male voices.

Reese is a Texan rose who goes into a witness protection program at Emerson Ranch in Montana. In this scene she meets the ranch hands who think she's hot. Performance Notes Two minutes of dialogue bits: male and female voices, comedy, aggression, and accents. I work hard to lock in voices based on the author's writing and direction. I try to use voices distinct enough that listeners can easily follow along but also not so over-the-top that listeners might be distracted from the narrative.

Performance Notes This sample shows characters dialogue from the book.

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Performance Notes Science Fiction. Two excerpts from the book: Chapter 12 - Mages Effie and Marie practice throwing fireballs. Performance Notes Contemporary romance. This sample shows a lightly sarcastic 1st person POV. Chloe's water breaks at Starbucks. This scene takes place at the hospital with peppy nurses, her husband Adam, her snarky cousin Natalie, and Doctor Wong.

Performance Notes Book turned to audio turned to movie premiering at Sundance.

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  • Wanting to fully understand sound, she went on to learn the technical side of audio engineering. After a decade in Chicago working as an audio engineer on jingles, audiobooks, as well as post-production commercial and film, Lesley Ann found herself frequently on the other side of the microphone. Her voice has been heard on over a hundred audiobooks, industrials, film, and national commercials. DeCandido, Jeff J. I have worked with her on numerous projects — as voice talent, sound designer, mixer, voice director and talent coordinator.

    Her Professionalism is stellar and she is truly a joy to work with. I am pleased to name Lesley Fogle as my "go to" audio Professional. While I am thrilled to work with Lesley for any of my set audio, post audio engineering needs or even talent coaching on microphone technique because of her craft savvy, her enthusiasm and easy-going personality make every project she's a part of just more fun. I don't think I'll ever get beyond my state of awe while listening to Lesley.

    In the Rhythm of Rivalry series, teenagers labeled as men and women must discover what being an adult means to them. Length: 10 hrs and 4 mins. By using the energy of the land, some humans have found they can develop extraordinary abilities. Book 5: Bastial Sentinels.

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    Download the The Rhythm of Rivalry audiobook series and listen anywhere, anytime on your iPhone, Android or Windows device. Librarything amazon. Bastial Steel cover art. Download it once. Followed by 2 of our members. Narrated by: Steve Marvel. Bastial Sentinels The Rhythm of Rivalry: Book 5 Enter your mobile number or email address below and we' ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

    The " Common Knowledge" section now includes a " Series" field. Book 3: Bastial Explosion.

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    Cancel Unsubscribe. Bastial Explosion book. Narro is an excellent continuation of The Rhythm of Rivalry Series and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Dragged to an unfamiliar continent transformed by war and monstrous creatures, Cleve' s path home has never been less clear. Bastial steel the rhythm of rivalry 2. Reprogram Your Mind! Find out more with.