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Pack a fleece jacket or a lightweight puffy jacket that you can layer on over a t-shirt and under your rain jacket.

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My husband loves his Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket. This jacket should be extra warm, much warmer than the lighter weight puffy you pack. Ask your trekking agency about renting a jacket or buy one in Kathmandu. Bring a waterproof breathable rain jacket designed for hiking — preferably one with pit zips for venting. Pack a pair of waterproof breathable rain pants that you can easily layer over top of your hiking pants.

I like ones with side zippers for venting that are easy to put on and take off without removing your shoes. It gets cold up high in the mountains, especially at night so make sure you pack some warm long underwear, also known as a base layer. You can wear them as pyjamas at night or as a warm layer under your trekking clothes during the day. Choose mid-weight long underwear made of polyester or merino wool and be sure to pack both long underwear bottoms and a long sleeved top.

Bring two sports bras so you can wear one and air out the other. They offer enough support for my larger chest when I adjust the straps to cross back. I like to bring two kinds of underwear on long trips: two or three pairs of quick drying synthetic underwear for trekking and one pair of comfortable cotton underwear for wearing at night. Seamless underwear will be way more comfortable for hiking in, since they prevent chafing.

Many of the guys I hike with swear by boxer brief with a built in pouch to prevent their package from rubbing the inner thighs. Buy: REI Patagonia. Buy: REI Amazon. Americans call it a beanie.

Backpacking Kathmandu BUDGET Guide (September )

Canadians call it a toque. Bring one that covers your ears. I recommend: Buy a hand knitted hat in Nepal.

The sun can be harsh at high elevations, especially above the tree line so you may want to bring a wide brimmed hat or baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses to give you a bit of protection. I recommend: I like to wear polarized sunglasses as they cut let you see colours that are truer to reality than what you get with regular sunglasses.

Feeling inspired?

Simple fleece or wool gloves will be enough to keep your hands warm at high elevations or on cold mornings. But if you are trekking in the winter or feel the cold easily, insulated ski gloves are a better bet. When I was trekking my guide Chandra swore that you stayed warmer if you kept your ears covered and he often used a buff as a headband to warm his ears. You can also wear a buff around your neck or even as a hat. There are lots of route options for reaching Annapurna Base Camp, but many of them include a visit to Jhinu Danda hot springs. Women should pack a bathing suit for the springs but men can just wear their trekking shorts or bring board shorts instead of trekking shorts.

Read Backpacking: A Woman's Guide (Annapurna Women's Outdoor Sports)

Consider packing a lightweight change of clothes to wear at the tea house. Or just do what I did and wear your long johns as pants. Regular hiking boots are fine. I wore mid-cut boots and was quite comfortable in them. You really want to take care of your feet. I wore them in Nepal.

What to Pack for the Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Buy: REI Backcountry. When I want full ankle support, I wear my Scarpa Kailash boots. Buy: Backcountry. Pack a lightweight pair of slip on sandals, Crocs or flip flops for wearing in the shower and to visit the toilet in the middle of the night. Keeping your feet happy on a trek is super important. Pack 2 or 3 pairs of wool and synthetic blend socks that fit well.

I also prefer to wear liner socks since they can help reduce the rubbing that can cause blisters. I wear the Light Hiker Micro Crew. Packing up for another day on the trail at Annapurna Base Camp. All of the teahouses provide thick synthetic comforters which they call blankets , but they can run out in high season. Choose one with a hood for extra warmth. Make sure you pack your sleeping bag inside a compression sack so it takes up less space in your pack.

It's not just that she's fast—it's that she didn't train at all

If you are using a guide, the trekking company may have sleeping bags available to rent. The teahouses have VERY thin walls. I recommend: Bring a few pairs of cheap foam earplugs. I like the contoured ones since I find they fit in my ears better. Wearing long sleeves, hats and sunglasses to protect against the harsh high altitude sun.

All of the teahouses have showers so you will want to bring travel sized bottles of soap, shampoo and conditioner so you can wash up. Cold showers are always available and are usually free. Hot showers are often available for a price. Choose a quick-drying super absorbent microfibre towel.

But remember to use your own filtered or treated water. The harsh sun at high elevations can give you a sunburn in just a few minutes. I forgot to put sunscreen on the backs of my hands and ended up with a wicked sunburn after only 45 minutes of exposure. Pack sunscreen and SPF lip balm to protect yourself. The cold air and wind can also dry out your skin so you might also want to pack a small bottle of moisturizer. I recommend: I like Neutrogena sport sunscreen since it is oil free. I use Blistex lip balms. If you wear contacts, be sure to pack contact solution and extra lens.

On cold nights, sleep with your contact case inside your sleeping bag to keep them from freezing. If you menstruate, pack some tampons or pads just in case. You can buy toilet paper at teahouses and shops along the trek, or stock up ahead of time in Pokhara. You should pack a small first aid kit. Make sure it includes bandages, gauze, medical tape and a compression bandage for strains or sprains. Your first aid kit should also contain stuff to help repair your gear in case you have any problems. We packed a small multi-tool and some duct tape.

I always add more stuff to them, like more blister care and bandaids. A multi-tool with a knife, pliers and scissors is always handy. I like the Leatherman Wave. Medication of any kind is not generally available on the trek and may be hard to find in Pokhara.

Annapurna Dhauligiri trek to Khopra Ridge Trip highlights

Make sure that the hip belt wraps around your hips not your waist or your stomach and the back pad sits comfortable up against your lumber region on your back. If the pack is fitted correctly, with the harness and suspension system correctly set, you should feel that most of the packs weight is transferred to your pelvis and your arms can move freely.

The Osprey Aether for men or Osprey Ariel for women is the ideal hiking rucksack for multi-day treks. All the features mentioned above are included in this comfortable and versatile pack that is even used on Everest expeditions. Another great rucksack that comes in at slightly cheaper than the Osprey, is the North Face Terra, available in a 35L, 50L, and 65L for men and 55L for women we recommend the 65L for men and the 55L for women. The Terra comes with a multi-size, fully-adjustable harness and suspension system for perfect anatomical fit, and has a great back pad that allows for optimal ventilation.

If you are part of a structured trek that includes a porter who will carry your gear then you might prefer taking a duffle bag as they can typically hold more gear than a rucksack, are easier to access gear from not top loading like many rucksacks and often preferred by porters. Constructed from strong tarpaulin and lined zippers, the TYTN is seriously strong and water resistant.